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As Tom is promoted, Nick's parents turn up unannounced and it's not going to be easy with a father set in his ways and causing accidents when he shouldn't be driving. Tom gives Nick the opportunities to deal with it but he won't, so what will it take for his father to see sense? P.J. and Dash are onto a man at the pub who does not appear to be who he says he is, so what's he hiding?


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A detective must solve a case where a girl was murdered in a room--and all the doors and windows were locked from the inside.

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original title: The Westland Case

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A detective must solve a case where a girl was murdered in a room--and all the doors and windows were locked from the inside. Bill Crane, a private detective with no weakness as an investigator but large ones for blondes and straight-whiskey, gets a call from his attorney friend, Charles Frazee, with a request to find evidence that will free Robert Westland, who is under death sentence for murdering his wife. Crane immediately runs into a barrage of machine-gun fire, and a blonde, Agatha Hogan, only slightly less dangerous. After a night of wine, women and song, Crane picks up a clue that may aid Wstland. With the help of a deep-sea diver, a stop watch, and a taxicab driver, he is sprinting after the real culprit...just as Westland is starting his last mile to the electric chair. 1937's "The Westland Case" began the regrettably short-lived series of Crime Club mysteries from Universal, clearly superior to their Inner Sanctums but more difficult to find. Of the 7 official entries, 3 starred Preston Foster as hard drinking, perpetually sleepy Detective Bill Crane, and Frank Jenks as his wisecracking sidekick Doc Williams; such was the case with this first one, as Robert Westland (Theodore von Eltz) has only six days left to live, convicted of murdering his wife, whom he was in the process of divorcing. Crane and Williams are summoned when someone sends Westland a note promising to alibi him, but every time a new lead becomes promising, the subject winds up dead. The dead wife was discovered locked in her room, her key still lying on the table beside the body, and her husband in possession of the only other key, plus his gun has seemingly disappeared after the murder. Foster and Jenks excel in their tailor-made roles, not dissimilar to the "I Love a Mystery" duo, Jack Packard (Jim Bannon) and Doc Long (Barton Yarborough), who also did 3 features in 1945-46. Russell Hicks and George Meeker make a decent pair of suspects, and Ward Bond plays Westland's fellow death row inmate Connors, who puts him onto the right lawyer to get him out, played with great relish by scene-stealing Clarence H. Wilson (frequently seen opposite Charlie Chase in 2 reel Hal Roach comedies). The other Bill Crane titles are "The Lady in the Morgue" (bringing back Thomas E. Jackson and Barbara Pepper) and "The Last Warning" (both 1938). Editor Otis Garrett graduated to director with the next Crime Club, "The Black Doll," missing out on just one, "The Last Warning." This may be hard for you to find. Mine is the first comment, so I will describe the story a bit.

It is fairly typical in many respects. You've got a wisecrackin, drinkin, womanizin detective and his sidekick. There are backstabbin partners and cheatin wimmen. There's a gathering of all the suspects for the announcement of the true murderer only seconds before the enframed is executed. Witnesses are killed as soon as they are identified.

And the basic form is a locked room mystery. The woman is killed in a locked room to which the only other key is the suspect's.

What makes this interesting is that it begins with a film within the film. Its a bit tortured, so its obvious that the writers went to some trouble to arrange it. The same group of suspects is gathered to see this movie. It is a "re-enactment" of the discovery of the body, made by the prosecutor and involving all the original characters — and the body. It must have been made moments after the real events.

I don't know of any other detective movie with this device. There is lots of joking about watching a movie and not making one, when this is happening.

So even though the mystery is ordinary, this narrative device makes the movie important.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.


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Korean resistance fighters smuggle explosives to destroy facilities controlled by Japanese forces in this period action thriller.

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original title: The Age of Shadows

genge: Action,Drama,Thriller,War


imdb: 7.3

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tags: Friend or foe? Infiltration and deception. Suspicion and betrayal. The enemy lies within.

budget: $8,620,000

keywords: resistance, japaneseoccupation, 1920s, korea, spy, train

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Korean resistance fighters smuggle explosives to destroy facilities controlled by Japanese forces in this period action thriller. Set in the late 1920s, The Age of Shadows follows the cat-and-mouse game that unfolds between a group of resistance fighters trying to bring in explosives from Shanghai to destroy key Japanese facilities in Seoul, and Japanese agents trying to stop them. A talented Korean-born Japanese police officer, who was previously in the independence movement himself, is thrown into a dilemma between the demands of his reality and the instinct to support a greater cause. This film has strong commercial potential because of its suspenseful narrative structure; the bravado cinematography and editing; the strong acting; the powerfully evocative production design; and the effective musical score. Loved the entire look of the film. Love the sepia tone, the 1920s period costumes and sets, the compelling storyline, and the circularity of the narrative structure. To me, the strongest storytellers working today in cinema are from Asia, and that makes me so very happy as Asian cinema has lost a lot of its standing in World Cinema without the post-War (II) Japanese masters.

Score Grid (out of 4)

Script/Story: 4

Cinematography/Visual Effect: 4+

Editing: 4

Sound/Musical Score: 4

Production Design: 4+

Acting/Performance: 4

Recommend the film? Absolutely. This foreign film has the appeal of today's Hollywood products: the action, suspense, music, etc. The operatic concluding scene -- underscored by Ravel's Bolero -- owes so much to both Scorsese and FFCoppola. Also to Andrze Wajda really in look and feel; wonder if Kim Jee-woon is familiar with the Polish master's work?

Thumbs way up! "The Age of Shadows" is a historically inspired dramatic action-thriller about a group of Korean resistance fighters who are opposing the peninsula's Japanese occupation. Directed and written by creative mastermind Kim Jee-won and starring South Korean top actors like Lee Byung-hun, this epic film became South Korea's official submission for the "Best Foreign Language Film" category of the 89th Academy Awards in 2017. While the premises seemed to be very positive, I was slightly disappointed by the movie.

First of all, a much better movie with a very similar story line called "Assassination" was released only one year earlier and it beats this flick in terms of acting, pace, settings and story. It's quite difficult to identify with the main character in "The Age of Shadow" who constantly changes sides and doesn't seem to know what he believes in. Instead of portraying a man torn between two choices, the movie focuses on a rather antipathic and egoistic character who is thinking about his own advantage at all times. Even an outstanding actor like Song Kang-ho can't make this dull main character any more exciting.

"The Age of Shadow" starts with an explosive opening scene only to lead towards a lengthy introduction with endless dialogues and numerous characters. It takes close to one hour before the pace quickens up again. The first half of the movie is definitely too long and often lost my interest.

While the settings of the movie are very realistic and bring to life a genuine depiction of the Korean peninsula in the forties, the costumes and locations aren't as detailed and memorable as in many other South Korean high-quality productions.

The story remains somewhat shallow in my opinion. It's obvious that the members of the resistance are trying to attack the Japanese occupants but the film never really explains what they are organizing precisely. It's quite unsatisfying to realize that the resistance's charismatic leader is taking many risks by trusting a highly unreliable main character and personally organizing an attack against the enemy that is never ever specified. The ending also leaves many questions open and feels unfinished to me.

Despite these flaws, the movie also has many strong points. The side characters are portrayed excellently and add some depth to the movie. Especially the clever villain portrayed by Um Tae-goo is very creepy. The movie also convinces in its more intense passages. The opening scene is both dynamic and memorable. The climax on the train is very tense and will get you on the edge of your seat. The last thirty minutes of the film have a welcome dramatic and emotional touch. The settings are authentic and especially the scenes on the train, in different torture chambers and in the prison are beautifully crafted and provide a gripping and sinister atmosphere. While the story is maybe the movie's biggest flaw, it still requests some thinking from the audience and includes a few minor twists in the second half of the film that save this movie for me.

Maybe my rating would be slightly more generous if the excellent "Assassination" hadn't been released a year earlier. That film's excellent execution from any point of view makes "The Age of Shadows" look quite predictable, redundant and even unnecessary. Faithful fans of contemporary South Korean cinema should still watch both movies but I would only recommend "Assassination" to occasional international audiences. "The Age of Shadows" really pales in comparison to Choi Dong-hoon's "Assassination". On a closing note, South Korea should have chosen the outstanding horror film "The Wailing" as official submission for the "Best Foreign Language Film" category of the 89th Academy Awards in 2017. How Kim and his formidable technical team compose, frame and edit what could have been the most ordinary of shootouts to instantly, violently communicate peril shows not just unmistakable filmmaking prowess but a delightful, connoisseuristic appreciation of the game.


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A group of young teens is unexpectedly sent to the mysterious Digital World and paired up with their own powerful, morphing monster called the Digimon. Together the entire group set out on an adventure to fight evil and save the world. Seven kids attending a summer camp in Japan are transported to an alternate world linked to ours by the Information Superhighway. That's why it is called Digiworld. The kids make friends with strange creatures called Digimon who become stranger as they "digivolve". During the course of the story, the kids learn that they and the Digimon are the only hope of saving both Earth and Digiworld from total destruction. Unlike Pokemon, Digimon has original stories and actual lesson. The characters are interesting and funny. And of course, the villains can be taken more seriously in Digimon. The show is so much better than Pokemon. I don't care if it came before "Pokemon" I still can't stand it. And by the way, I say that "Pokemon" IS better than Digimon. Anyway, it's about these kids and these butt-ugly monsters they work with. I mean, they're ugly!!! Who exactly is cuter, Pikachu or Greymon? And why is it they have "mon" at the end of every single name, so we get stupid names like "Cherrymon" "Puppetmon" and "Wizardmon". I mean, I saw a Digimon magazine with a word scramble and of course, they all had an M,O and N in them. I say, just ax the dang "mon" crap and just call them Cherry or Grey. Even Yu-Gi-Oh is better than this. The digimon are ugly, all except for Caloumon. He is so cool!! Give this guy a show of his own!! And one of the digimon is called SEADRAmon. Seadra is a pokemon, for gosh sake! Don't you think Greymon bears a resemblance to Marowak?

And of course, the character design is stupid. I mean, REALLY people. I've seen the character design of shows like "Inu Yasha" "Dragonball Z" and those shows have GREAT design. The DBZ animation is nothing like this. You just put a Digi at the beginning or a Mon at the end and you're done. I personally don't care if the plots are different in each episode, it's still stupid. Don't EVER compare the Digimon villians to the pokemon villians. They have more character than all those dumb demon/evil scientist guys you've seen before combined. Digimon, I swear, could have just been a bunch of video games and you might not be able to tell the difference. A 3/10.


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Lew Harper, a cool private investigator, is hired by a wealthy California matron to locate her kidnapped husband.

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original title: Harper

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller


imdb: 6.5

duration: 2h 1min

tags: Paul Newman is 'Harper' and Harper does it better.

budget: $3,500,000

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Lew Harper, a cool private investigator, is hired by a wealthy California matron to locate her kidnapped husband. Harper is a cynical private eye in the best tradition of Bogart. He even has Bogie's Baby hiring him to find her missing husband, getting involved along the way with an assortment of unsavory characters and an illegal-alien smuggling ring. Well, what can I say? Superb actors, a good plot and a convincing atmosphere. It is like watching a new and reinvented version of "The Maltese Falcon", but this time in Technicolor.

I wish they could make more films like this. There are no films noir anymore. That is a pity, because "Harper" proves that this type of movie can still be quite effective nowadays.

It is not a masterpiece, but it is a pretty good movie and a very good entertainment. The actors are very good: I like specially the villains, like the husband of Shelley winter(troy), and the religious nut(scammer). Also, Robert Wagner and Pamela Tiffin act very well.

All in all quite a good movie. Pity they do not make more like this one. Newman is absolutely terrific as clever, cynical private-eye Lew Harper and it is one of his very best roles. The cast also features Lauren Bacall, Robert Wagner and Arthur Hill, but it's Shelley Winters, as a boozy Hollywood has-been and Julie Harris, as a love-starved "musician," who really stand out in support. William Goldman's witty, intelligent script wonderfully adapts Ross Macdonald's novel "The Moving Target" and the film is a throwback to the Bogart/Raymond Chandler potboilers of the 1940's. The film is 1960's stylish, however, and helped to revive the detective genre for a new generation. It is just great fun and the movie's success, as well as films like "The Hustler" (1961) and "Hud" (1963), endeared Newman to film projects that began with the letter "H" (although that didn't seem to work with 1984's "Harry & Son"). The recent picture "The Nice Guys" (starring Russell Crowe) tried to recapture the magic of this film, but failed miserably. Some excellent directorial touches and solid thesping are evident in the colorful and plush production. Abundance of comedy and sometimes extraneous emphasis on cameo characters make for a relaxed pace and imbalanced concept, resulting in overlength and telegraphing of climax.


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